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Syfy Channel Miniseries Premiere in 2010

The Phantom Character Breakdowns

Here are breakdowns and small individual photos for the characters you will see in The Phantom mini-series, which premieres on Canada's Movie Network on Tuesday and then on the Syfy Channel sometime in 2010. If you'd like to duplicate these on your site, please have courtesy and link to Thanks! Be warned there are major spoilers for the mini-series within.

syfy phantom ryan carnesRYAN CARNES as Chris / Kit / The Phantom

Young, strong and adventurous, Chris Moore’s life is suddenly turned upside down when he learns from the mysterious Abel Vandermaark that he is not only adopted, but is also the son of the late Kit Walker - a capped crusader known as The Phantom. After his adoptive parents are viciously killed by his father’s arch nemesis, the evil Singh Brotherhood, and his new girlfriend Renny is put at risk, Chris has no choice but to accept his fate as the next Phantom and return to his far-away, tropical home in Bengalla to begin fight training.

syfy phantom sandrine holtSANDRINE HOLT as Guran

Exotic, beautiful and wise beyond her years, Guran is The Phantom’s “right hand-man”. With a mystical connection that cannot be broken, Guran is the only one Kit can trust to keep his nearest and dearest safe from the Sigh Brotherhood. When Vandermaark forbids Kit to return home to protect Renny and her father, Guran ignores his orders and makes sure Kit’s wishes are honored.

syfy phantom jean marchandJEAN MARCHAND as Abel Vandermaark

Conservative and a believer in the old-school ways of the Phantom, Vandermaark is Kit’s mentor and one of the Walkers’ oldest allies. As Vandermaark struggles to keep Kit under his control, Kit becomes suspicious of his true intentions.

syfy phantom cameron goodmanCAMERON GOODMAN as Renny Davidson

A witty and charming paramed, Renny is also Chris Moore’s elementary school crush. When they reunite at the scene of an accident involving Chris’ friend Jordy, the two share a moment of flirtation that quickly becomes a passionate relationship. But when Chris suddenly disappears with no explanation and Renny’s dad is wounded in a suspicious shooting, The Phantom comes to the rescue. Renny finally learns of Chris’ true identity when the two are reunited in Bengalla where her father is being treated for his injury.

syfy phantom cas anvarCAS ANVAR as Raatib Singh

Ruthless, evil, corrupt and impatient, Raatib Singh is leader of the Singh Brotherhood. His philosophy is that as long as there are wars, civil war, disruptions and social and economic hardships in the world the Brotherhood will profit handsomely. His obsession with the implementation of the Flicker technology and dismissive attitude towards the impending threat of the Phantom, foil his plans to assassinate Jalil Ben David, a political leader who might bring peace to the Middle East.

syfy phantom isabella rosselliniISABELLA ROSSELLINI as Dr. Bella Lithia

Dr. Bella Lithia is the Singh Brotherhood’s latest asset. Her creation - a deadly mind control technology known as Flicker, is capable of creating deadly assassins out of innocent civilians. Posted on When the head of the Brotherhood, Raatib Singh, ignores her warning about the limits of Flicker and begins to exercise his control, Lithia attempts to outsmart him.

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