The Phantom Airs On Canada's Movie Network Before Syfy

The Syfy Channel in the U.S. has not yet announced when they are running The Phantom, but Canada's Movie Network has already set a date... and it's less than two weeks away!

This way we can also be forewarned if it's... not very good, though we could also be impressed if it's decent!

Apparently it's airing on the MFun and MExcess channels. Here's the schedule:

12/22 8PM MFun
12/23 2:45AM MExcess
12/27 8AM MExcess
1/10 11:15AM MExcess

12/23 8PM MFun
12/27 9:35AM MExcess
1/10 12:45PM MExcess

Also now released is a promotional image from The Phantom which you can find here.

Still no word on a Syfy airing, so, stay tuned.

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Phantom Mini-Series Cast
Ryan Carnes as Chris Walker/The Phantom
Sandrine Holt as Guran
Jean Marchand as Wandermaark
Cameron Goodman as Renny Davidson
Isabella Rossellini as Dr. Bella Lithia
Ron Lea as Detective Sgt. Sean Davidson
Cas Anvar as Raatib Singh
Ivan Smith as Dr. Deepak Baboor

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